- The stagings of Cassius underline one of the most fundamental and important features of our species, a deep "animal connection", essential to our survival.




It is in this face to face, which is as much of the confrontation as the sharing, that the man discovers in the look of the other, however different it is, the quest for his own identity.

" L'animal ouvre devant moi une profondeur qui m'attire et qui m'est familière. Cette profondeur, en un sens, je la connais : c'est la mienne. Elle est aussi ce qui m'est le plus lointainement dérobé, ce qui mérite ce nom de profondeur qui veut dire avec précision ce qui m'échappe." 


                                               Georges Bataille

Sur les traces de L'humanité. . .

"L'odyssée du vivant en peinture"

" L'enfant venant de la lumière est déjà très vieux, puisqu'il représente la synthèse d'un immense passé. Son âme individuelle se trouve constituée par une accumulation de résidus d'âmes ancestrales. "


                                   Gustave Le Bon

The ancestral presences of the artist invite us to rediscover the spiritual universe of our ancestors, that of our ancestral links with nature and with the animal world.


- The ancestral guardians often represented by Native American men, carry essential truths about our interdependence with the plant and animal environment. Man is never alone, the universe around him is full of active, invisible and powerful forces that he has to capture to survive.




- The animals are represented for the sacred function and the nobility they embody. Cassius makes them extraordinary heroes, giving them looks and postures that reinforce a deep sense of animal connection in the viewer.


- The skeletons and skulls of vertebrates that populated or still inhabit the Earth today bear the traces of an evolution of several billion years. Resistant and fragile at the same time, they expose our common origins in the light of passing time.




The works presented by the artist reflect this reality by showing the world of vertebrates, the zoological group of which we are a part. This kinship, evident when one observes the deep structure of these animals, helps us to understand the mechanisms of evolution and to grasp all facets.




Skulls and skeletons act as a developer. Beyond their formal beauty, they constantly send us back to our origins and our own history.