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Born in 1977 in Saint lô in France. He lives and works in Pons, France


Cassius' painting is a message of wisdom to the world. Each canvas is a mysterious and spiritual story. Each painting is an allegory where ancestral presences borrowed from various temporalities, cultures and geographies coexist.

Often, the artist resorts to the animal figure which he makes collaborate with man in a real or imaginary world. The animal world represents for him a source of questions essential to man to find his place in modern society, at the risk of losing some values, traditions and precepts of nature.

In this approach, the artist constantly questions our deep origins and the quest for identity in humans. He is currently continuing his reflection through the painting of root peoples carrying essential truths about our connection and our interdependence on nature. It records their history by covering part of their faces with plant roots, thus giving them a remarkable identity.

The artist is committed today to the promotion of cultures and the environment. His work is based on collaborations from the human sciences to better mark its universal dimension.

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" Un peuple sans mémoire est un peuple sans avenir "


                                     Aimé Césaire.

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